Canada Post Strike : Shipping Notice

After careful consideration and thought, we have decided to hang on to current orders as they are being produced and NOT ship them out right away. Canada Post is in the middle of negations of a few issues regarding pensions and new hires, as such, a lock out and strike is imminent.

We researched and consider private couriers and the time to switch over to a new system to ship out the orders is not worth the investment in time (not to mention a loss for the customer as couriers are much more expensive than our standard shipping rate). Please be patient with us while we continue to make work, but not ship them out so at least we KNOW where the orders are and not submitted into the abyss of a shipping warehouse only to sit for weeks.

Thank you all for your support and carry on!


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  • Joe Guarino

    Do you have a rough idea when you might begin shipping again. i am eagerly awaiting my new sheath. My old one is on its last legs. my order was placed on June 16th. i understand that these things are out of your control of course. i have been running to the mailbox like a little kid everyday. I’m just looking for more information

  • David Lee

    Is there any update to this?