Spartan OGII

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A special line of Skinths, the Spartan Series is created from simple robust materials to keep costs down while not sacrificing durability and functionality. The Spartan Series does not come with any available options but are fully capable to perform like the rest of the Skinth family.

We took our successful Spartan Series and revamp them using the most modern of production techniques to speed things up. This translates to a better product, and better savings for you, the Skinth user!

The Skinth Spartan Series consists of 2 models, The Skinth Spartan SP II (To be released) and The Skinth Spartan OG II. Both Spartans come with a 1.75″ low riding stainless steel belt clip. The Skinth Spartan OG II is constructed from laser cut 1000D Cordura and #69 nylon thread to carry those heavy multitools and knives. High pile hook and loop allow the Spartan OG II to be opened and closed with one hand.

Akin to its namesake, the Spartan OG II provides just enough room for those essential multitool and EDC accessories that turns it into a mobile toolbox. The sides of the Spartan OG II are left open on the bottoms to hold up to a 2xAAA flashlight (with clip) or a slim 2XAA flashlight (.75″ wide)

With room for up to a 4.5″ multitool, the Spartan OG IIcan holster the popular Leatherman Wave, Charge, Surge and even the SuperTool 300 with a separate pocket for the single Leatherman bit card. Larger Gerber MP400/600/Flik/Crucial/Octane series tools also fit in the Spartan OG II (with exception of the needlenose and fisher MP600′s).

In an effort to provide the best quality products possible, we periodically make production modifications and improvements. Actual products may not be identical to the items in the photographs. Each Custom Skinth is made from the ground up, production time may take up to 30 business days prior to shipping. 

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