The Skinth Dot Com

The Skinth DC (Dot.Com), a tool sheath for IT technicians.

Some research gave way to the stuff that an IT tech would carry. My list included:

-Extra Screws
-USB drives for programs
-Extra iPod/USB cables

Since it would be foolish to design a sheath based around a Multimeter since they differ in size, I decided to keep the design based around an MT and if if the Multimeter should fit inside the main compartment, bonus. Otherwise, The Multimeter could be tethered on the bottom.

The Skinth DC is based on the Skinth XL and FR, with a brand new feature on the main flap.

The Skinth DC fully loaded:

To hold extra screws, a simple pill case dangles from the bottom.

Alternatively, a match case or a simliar tubular case can be put in one of the two side pouches.

On the top flap of the DC are 5 slots for USB keys, 3 smaller .75″ ones and 2 1″ larger ones. I think I am going to reduce this to 4 larger slots to.

The side tubes open opposite in direction, one opening down and one opening up, like the First Responder. In this photo, a CR123 flashlight in the top opening side tube.

Both tubes are sized for a Victorinox Cybertool 34, in this photo, a downward opening side tube holes my own transparent blue CT34.

The DC features the PentaPocket organization. With room a full size MT, small multimeter and a variety of smaller items.

A CC 3″ straight prybar, tweezers, Derma-Safe razor, leatherman bit extender and LM MUT can live inside the Dot.Com. With lots of room to spare, extra cables can pad the bottom of the DC if a smaller tool was to be carried in it.

Finally, the backside. Since this was a prototype, I didn’t want to waste a belt clip on it. However, I did want include a pull handle to carry the DC from desk to server and back again. Two identical 1.5″ webbing loops can hold pens/Sharpies/screwdrivers.

There we have it, The Skinth Dot.Com