The Skinth Zombie Hunter

I just got some new fluorescent acid green 1000D Cordura in and I wanted to make a fun variation: The Zombie Hunter!.

Paired with Smoke Grey, a colour that is rarely used, it’s quite the looker.

Since it’s silly to try to fit a full size Kukri or Machette, I based the Zombie Hunter around more firearm based tools. It was also a chance to test out a new design that will soon become a feature on The Skinth BackUp, the Vari-Flap.

Big outside access loops hold a large full size folder, ready to stab the brainstem of those offending undead. A H&K clip is great for storing your tactical gloves when you lie awake at night.

On the back, MOLLE compatible straps allow the avid hunter to mate the ZH to their favorite bailout bag. The new Vari-Flap also allows for a small pair of shears for cutting off ripped clothing to expose bite wounds and scraps.

In one of the boxed out side tubes, a Gerber eFect tool, because gun maintenance is as important as brushing your teeth. What’s a Z-Hunter’s best friend? Silence, why snaps are key here. 2 snaps allow for various sized items to be placed in the tubes.

In the other tube, a Sipik SK-68. Going from flood to spot light with the connivence of a AA battery, shedding light into the dark corner. When the crap hits the fan, AA’s will be able to be found everywhere.

Aside from being another element in the formula for a well maintained firearm, the MUT with the biggest blade, biggest saw and biggest hammer on a multi, it an obvious tool. You can never have too many blades when you are out and about and a Boker Sub-com slides into the front PentaPocket with ease. A neon green Derma-safe razor compliments the Mini-medic shears. 2 snaps close the front flap down for dual safe closure.

I am pleased to introduce you to the Vari-Flap, an adjustable front flap accommodates varying heights of tools, pistol magazines and other similar size items.

Now you’re ready to go shove some undead butt off a cliff.