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  • Expanding the Skinth Family

    For a long while, Christa has been responsible for answering your questions and getting your orders out the door. We are finally taking the next step and getting hitched! We are working right up to the day it’ll happen this weekend (Aug 31) but we apologize for the inconvenience on the late orders. We promise […]

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    After a little dash of this, and a splash of that, the site is back up and running! What’s new?  We’ve added Skinth Gift Certs! Found here: Skinth Gift Certs Available in three flavours, $25, $50 and $100 increments, these gift certs are perfect for guys and gals that don’t know what to get other […]

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  • Website Maintenance – Mar 23 to 30

    Just a bit of a warning, we are putting the site on hold for just a bit so that we can massage our software. This is happening between March 23 and 30th. Don’t worry, we are still plugging away at orders and getting through our backlog. Keep your eyes open for something ‘special’. Thanks! -Eric

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