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The Skinth P1 Parallel Pocket Panel is a minimalist, grab and go style EDC organizer that can be carried in front, back or jacket pocket.

A single 4″ long 1″ diameter tube pocket can carry a variety of items ranging from a flashlight, small folding knife, slim multitools, up to 4 layer Swiss Army Knives a standard Bic lighter, a small/marker or anything you can think that you would fit. Coupled with a .5″ diameter, elastic tube, the P1 can hold a tube of lip chap, a stubby pen, AAA flashlight or keychain tool. Hiding discreetly in your pocket, your items are organized, easily accessible via a pull handle at the top. The Skinth P1 was created from a need to carry only the most critical of EDC items while maintaining a low profile.

Simple design, time-tested rugged materials and overbuild construction make the P1 not just any pocket organizer, it’s the organizer. The Skinth P1 is one of the few pocket organizers fit for actual pocket use and keeps all your treasured tools in easy to access vertical position. It also makes for easy pocket dumping at the end of your day.

The Skinth P1 will fit the following multitools: Leatherman Kick, Fuse, PST, PSTII, Flair, Crunch, ORIGINAL Wave, any Juice models,  up to 4 layer Swiss Army Knives (the Cybertool 34 is a tight fit but will) and the Victorinox Swiss Spirit. 

Each P1 is handmade from 1000D CORDURA® nylon, Mil-Spec 17337 nylon webbing and heavy duty nylon thread.

In an effort to provide the best quality products possible, we periodically make production modifications and improvements. Actual products may not be identical to the items in the photographs. Each Custom Skinth is made from the ground up, production time may take up to 30 business days prior to shipping. 


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