Where is my Skinth made?

Skinth sheaths are designed and manufactured in the heart of Canada.

What kind of material is the Skinth made from?

Skinths are made from 1000D PU coated CORDURA® nylon, which has proven itself to be battlefield ready and tested. In most cases, matching industrial coated nylon thread is used. Some models have contrasting colour stitching.

What kind of colours are available?

  • Black
  • Coyote Brown
  • OD Green
  • Hunter Orange
  • Fluoro Green (Acid)
  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • Smoke Grey
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Woodland Digi Camo
  • ACU Grey Digi Camo
  • Desert Digi Camo
  • RealTree Camo
  • Royal Blue
  • Royal Purple

Custom colours can be sourced, but if the wholesaler does not carry the specific colour/pattern, it will have to be ordered online and lead time on production will increase significantly.

Combinations of colours have been done for accent and ease of use, the iterations are literally endless.

I don’t know what all these options look like, how can I see them?

Due to HUGE combination and variety of options that we offer, it’s nearly impossible to predict what your Skinth may look like in the end. However, we’ve take as many photographs of actual production Skinths as we could to show off the potential form and function. We’ve made a short page of Skinth Options that you can refer to. Many of the Skinth models have their own unique set of carry, flap closure and key carrying options that are located on each product page.

Why Hook & Loop?

Velcro is self adjusting, easily applied and replaceable. What? replaceable? yes…

Typically on cases and sheaths, the LOOP (soft) side is sewn to the body. The LOOP side is the first to give out even after agressive combing and cleaning. We put the LOOP side on the FLAP of the Skinth so if it does give out, it can be replaced without fear of losing the whole piece. This not only future proofs Skinths, but also shows that its not just your ordinary sheath.

Velcro is also self adjusting to any size tool and closes by itself.

Why are Mag Snaps only available on some models?

Magnet Snaps can only be applied to certain models as they are a light duty flap closure method. After extensive testing, Magnet Snaps are not suitable for any of the Multitool, Shield, Spartan and Adventure series Skinth models since they usually contain many heavy items cannot be secured by a magnet snap alone.

The Skinth Shields cannot be outfitted with magnet snaps as the patterns are laser cut and optimized for button snaps.

What kind of webbing is used?

All webbing is a high density, high durometer Mil-Spec 17337 nylon webbing. When possible, matching colours will be used, but most often, black will be substituted in.


When we first introduced Skinths in 2010, the PentaPocket system was a timely and involved feature in apply. We’ve since streamlined the process, allowing the PentaPocket to be applied to many Skinth models as a standard feature. This includes the Multitool Series, Digital Series and Adventure Series.

The PentaPocket CANNOT be applied to the Shields, Spartans or the Pocket Series Skinths.

Custom Orders

As of March 1st, 2012, we will no longer accept custom orders in order to maintain a reasonable order fulfillment time frame. We have a large catalog of products that may fit almost every need so please feel free to contact us if you cannot find something you like.

Shipping and Production Times

Because each Skinth is made from the ground up, production time prior to shipment can take up to 30-45 working days.

In an effort to provide the best quality products possible, we periodically make production modifications and improvements. Actual products may not be identical to the items in the photographs.

What happens after you order?

When you’ve filled out your custom Skinth online order form, you will be directed toward Stripe or Paypal to complete your transaction. Once the payment is made, the Skinth website robot will automatically send you a confirmation email and a PayPal/Stripe receipt for your order. The confirmation email has all the listed details you’ve selected for your entire order. We get a similar order email with the same details. When we’ve completed your order, we generate shipping via Shipstation. You will see an email from Shipstation.

What kind of shipping is used?

  • Shipments within Canada are shipped with Canada Post Expedited Parcel which has a estimated time frame of 4-6 days.
  • Shipments to the USA are shipped using Canada Post Small Packet Air Service (for up to 4 Skinths) and is estimated to arrive in 6-12 business days from the date shipped. There is no tracking.
  • International shipments are sent via International Light Packet Air service and is estimated 6-12 business days. There is no tracking.

Delivery times are subject to delays during holidays, we cannot control how the postal service functions.

Why submitting a PayPal claim hinders our performance. 

We try our best to answer emails and requests as quickly as possible, however, we can’t catch everything. If we are late on your order, its likely due to us being behind and focusing our efforts on production. We understand it is frustrating but what is more frustrating is our inability to do anything regarding shipping if you submit a claim. Submitting a PayPal claim locks your funds into the system and prevents us from generating a shipping label. Please consider not doing that and we’ll keep on pumping out orders!

How will you know when your Skinth is shipped?

We use Shipstations postage generator and you will receive a Shipstation shipping notice when it goes out for post.

Don’t have PayPal?

Want to use a Credit Card? Please use our Stripe client to use most major credit cards.

Return Policy

Due to the highly customized nature of Skinths and Skinth products, returns and refunds will be reviewed on a case by case manner. Any defects or manufacturing problems will be dealt and repaired with great care and speed.

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