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  • MAR_3621

    The New MC3 – Minimal Card Cash Carrier

    The MC3 was born from a need to carry JUST enough. We got tired of shifting through stacks and stacks of cards, with no real reason to carry them. With more and more cards being moved to the digital space, the cards we carry became less and less. Made from our selection of 500D, 1000D […]

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  • MAR_3619

    The New HC3 Wallet

    Check out our new product, the HC3 – Horizontal Card Cash Carrier. With versions made from our 1000D CORDURA and a newly sourced x50 X-PAC material known for its tough, lightweight and waterproof properties.

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  • Skinth Shop Floor Sales

    Shop Floor Sales

    Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Here at Skinth Solutions we are constantly, obsessively thinking of carrying things. As a result, we end up with a lot of prototypes and other kinds of useful things that we just can’t bring to market en masse. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be privy to what’s going […]

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