R2G|CS3 Card Cash Slot Carrier

USD $ 25.00

The Ready to Go (R2G) line is our ready made, ready to ship immediately product line. Made in the same production line as we make our Made to Measure (M2M) products, the R2G is just our way of scratching your want-it-now itch.

The CS3 was born from a need to carry JUST enough. We got tired of shifting through stacks and stacks of cards, with no real reason to carry them. With more and more cards being moved to the digital space, the cards we carry became less and less. Made from our selection of 500D, 1000D and other composite textiles, the CS3 is built to be slipped into front pants and shirt pockets…and continue to do so for years.

The CS3, as its namesake suggests, carries cards & cash but maintains a minimal profile. Two exterior quick access card slots for your most used cards, a wider middle slot for up to 8 cards and an elasticated webbing band on both sides for bills and receipts.

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