R2G|FNF Field Notes Folder

USD $ 35.00

The Ready to Go (R2G) line is our ready made, ready to ship immediately product line. Made in the same production line as we make our Made to Measure (M2M) products, the R2G is just our way of scratching your want-it-now itch.

The Field Notes Folder is a convenient EDC type slip sleeve for your favourite Field Notes or similar sized notebooks (3.5″x5x5″, even hard cover Moleskine Classics). With a spot for a write instrument and slots for cards and pockets for other stuff, it is a great one stop shop for all your daily needs. Made from our catalog of robust textiles and space age fabrics, the FNF is a great on-the-go method to dump your brain onto paper.

4″wide x 6″ tall


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