Multitool Maintenance Station

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Multitools are like any other tools, they require a lot of TLC to keep them in working order. With multiple moving parts and carefully tuned pivots, multitools deserve some dedicated tools to help them achieve their task as multitaskers. The Multitool Maintenance Station takes its design from Swiss watch makers and their specific tooling. It is designed around the Swiss made Victorinox ratchet set, Russian made Loki-Mobile knurled nut wrenches and any short 1/4″ security Torx bit.

The Knurled Nut wrench is registered in a recessed shape to allow the pivot to be adjusted on those tricky Leatherman models. The Torx bits are also do the same with the help of a precision cut hex hole and captured magnet. The 1/4″ driver bits are held in place with the same magnets, organized in a row.

Victorinox Ratchet set, Knurled Nut wrenches and 1/4″ bits are NOT included, they will need to be purchased separately to complete this tool kit. 

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