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The New HC3 Wallet

Check out our new product, the HC3 – Horizontal Card Cash Carrier. With versions made from our 1000D CORDURA and a newly sourced x50 X-PAC material known for its tough, lightweight and waterproof properties.

Skinth Shop Floor Sales

Shop Floor Sales

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Here at Skinth Solutions we are constantly, obsessively thinking of carrying things. As a result, we end up with a lot of prototypes and other kinds of useful things that we just can’t bring to market en masse. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be privy to what’s going […]

TC7 Book

Introducing the B5 & the TC7

It’s been a little while since we’ve released new product, that’s going to change! Introducing the B5 Toolett and the TC7 Notebooklett. The B5 is designed around the Leatherman Bit Kit cards and the bit extender, organize them into a compact package that doesn’t roll round in a bag or pocket. The TC7 Notebooklett houses […]

Jotter II Field Notes

Revisiting the Jotter.

We are constantly revisiting and thinking of new ways to make every Skinth model better.  When the Skinth Jotter first launched, it was a great way to tote your Moleskine notebook and have all the writing implements and tools on the outside of the pouch available for use. We were really excited about it and […]


Sunday Prototype – 08/18/13 – Skinth Raptor Nest

We finally got our hands on a set the new Leatherman Raptor shears, we’ve already fallen in love with the concept and execution. We’ve often thought a nice pair of shears, coupled with some tools would make for a great EDC and general problem solving family.  After some fiddling and fitting, we found that our […]

Sunday Prototype – 04/08/13 – The Spartan SP III

A special line of Skinths, the Spartan Series is created from simple robust materials to keep costs down while not sacrificing durability and functionality. The Spartan Series does not come with any available options but are fully capable to perform like the rest of the Skinth family. We took our successful Spartan Series and revamp them using the most modern of production techniques to […]

Sunday Prototype – 06/30/13 – The Sharp Shooters – Quick Draw

Proudly Introducing the Skinth Sharp Shooters! This top-loading son-of-a-gun series has its roots in the good ‘ol West. The holster inspiration has quickly evolved into a line of tool-wielding possibilities for the garden, home and job site. Whether you’re scaling a ladder, digging a hole, or turning a screw, the Sharp Shooters will be there to lend a third […]