The Skinth Double Wide

The Skinth DW

This is it, I am finally ready to call this my go to pouch for my set building work. After trying out a 2 pouch config, 1 pouch config with a dump pouch, and a 1.5 pouch with a dump pouch…I cam up with the ultimate redundancy solution, The Skinth DoubleWide.

Why? Because two is one…one is none.

Room for 2 mechanical Zebra 301 0.7mm pencils, and 2 sharpies out front.

2 belt loops, 2 snaps each.

On the inside, a huge array of organization, boasting 14 pockets.

This load out is just a demonstration of the two is one idiom. 2 Olfa thin blades, 2 Olfa big blades, 2 Leatherman MUTs, 2 Derma-safe razors and two Leatherman Bit Cards. A single Write in the Rain…that you only need one of because it’s so awesome.

Working with so many cutting devices, a tabbed pocket holding some bandaids and antiseptic wipes is a must.


Here is a much more reasonable/useable load out. 

outside: a Zebra 701 pen, A Zebra 301 Mech 0.7mm pencil, 2 Sharpies.

inside: Olfa Big Blade, 2 Olfa Thin Blades, BO Leatherman Surge with ST300 plier head, BO Leatherman MUT, extra thin Olfa blades, single bit card, 3″ straight pry bar, Derma-Safe razor (black), extra Zebra 301 pencil, Ultrafire stainless C3 one-mode flashlight.

Over all, the DW will offer a ridiculous load out option and is verging on fanny pack but it’s what I want and need for next weeks job