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Skinth Keep calm

Site software conflicts

Apologies to anyone who has made order in the last three days. The website is fully automated so you should of received a confirmation order email that states our time line for production. Just a friendly reminder that we make each Skinth model from scratch. The normal production time is 3-4 weeks. Automation has perks, […]

Jotter II Field Notes

Revisiting the Jotter.

We are constantly revisiting and thinking of new ways to make every Skinth model better.  When the Skinth Jotter first launched, it was a great way to tote your Moleskine notebook and have all the writing implements and tools on the outside of the pouch available for use. We were really excited about it and […]


WE ARE ONLINE! Site wide sale!

After a week of hard work, plugging away at both kinds of machines we did it! You are you looking at brand new Skinth Solutions website.  The functions are the same and everything is put where it should be, to order, just go to the bottom of each product page! To celebrate this…we are holding a […]

Skinth Keep calm

Site Maintenance, Jan 6-10

It’s happening! Skinth Solutions is going to be celebrating its 3rd year in business providing custom cases for your EDC tools and toys. To better serve Skinth customers, we are revamping the site for easier navigation, ordering process and check out benefits.  Benefits like..SALES CODES! GIFT CODES and other great incentives. Please bear with us […]

New Site Look/Function Coming Soon!

When we started Skinth, we had 3 products.  With all the traffic, product launches and suggestions we’ve finally have a new design and functionality almost nailed down. We’ll be shutting down the site in Jan for a short bit while we get things going but bear with us! We know the site isn’t perfect, but […]

Cutting some cords!

Due to the increased traffic, workload and popularity of Skinth cases, we will no longer be accepting custom work beyond our offered options. Please contact us if you wish to have your requests reviewed PRIOR to placing an order. Skinth Contact Page We hope you understand as there are only 97 days till Christmas!!!

Sunday Prototype – 08/18/13 – Skinth Raptor Nest

We finally got our hands on a set the new Leatherman Raptor shears, we’ve already fallen in love with the concept and execution. We’ve often thought a nice pair of shears, coupled with some tools would make for a great EDC and general problem solving family.  After some fiddling and fitting, we found that our […]

Sunday Prototype – 04/08/13 – The Spartan SP III

A special line of Skinths, the Spartan Series is created from simple robust materials to keep costs down while not sacrificing durability and functionality. The Spartan Series does not come with any available options but are fully capable to perform like the rest of the Skinth family. We took our successful Spartan Series and revamp them using the most modern of production techniques to […]