Sunday Prototype 05/06/12 – Skinth AOR2 OD FR

We love colour coordination as much as any OCD EDCer. So when we had a bunch of our stuff Cerakoted black and OD green from Jeff at 4Bush Weapons Refinishing Systems we had to make a Skinth to match.

We took a Skinth First Responder pattern and modified it to make it fit the gear.

Made from 500D Green AOR2 Cordura, the Skinth OD FR houses a lot of ODriffic goodies.

In the back is a pair of OD Green and black oxide EMT shears for cutting through virtually everything.

The front pocket hosts a Cerakoted OD Green/Black Spyderco Captain. In the side is an Romisen RC-A5 flashlight.

Inside is a Cerakoted OD Green and Black Leatherman Charge TTI and County Comm stainless steel Embassy Pen.

A family photo.


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